How To Look Great In Five Minutes Flat

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, “Ugh.  I’m a mess?” But that comes with the territory of being a mom… Doesn’t it?

You’d love to look better and dress better, but seriously – you haven’t even peed alone in years.  Who has time for outfit planning? Makeup? Yeah right. Life is about more than that now.

I’m right there in the trenches with you, and I get it.  I promise that you can do everything you need to look and feel great in 5-10 minutes because I know:


Why bother?

Because when you look better, you feel better.  

This is not for your husband, not for your kids, not for the other moms.  


As a mom, it’s easy to put yourself last.  Sometimes that’s okay, but it shouldn’t be your default state.  You deserve to feel good about yourself.

The secret is to start small and focus on the things that make the biggest difference for the least amount of effort.

This is the exact system I used to go from being stuck in a rut in my pjs every day, to looking and feeling my best.

Look Great 1,2,3!

Here are the guidelines:

Get. Dressed. Every. Day.

Add ONE Accessory

Do TWO minute makeup – Set a timer and do makeup for one minute

Spend THREE minutes on hair

After that we will get into extra credit (the Third Piece Rule) and a secret to getting ready in a flash.

How to use this guide:

Even though the point is to get ready in five minutes, you don’t have to go nuts right away.  If it seems overwhelming then start with just one of these. Clothes, makeup, or hair. Do it for a week and then add another.  I recommend going in order. The habit is much more likely to stick this way, and you can spend a little time figuring out the next step before jumping in.

Get dressed

get dressed in something other than pjs

See I’m starting out really basic here, but it needs to be said – do not stay in your pjs all day.  It’s depressing. Even if you wore leggings and a top to bed and think you can sort of get away with it… don’t.  It’s a new day full of possibilities.  Have a fresh start with different clothes.

The difference this makes in how you feel about yourself cannot be overstated.  It’s a classic example of “Acting as if” or “Fake it til you make it”. Looking like a clean, sane adult will make you feel more confident — like you have your act together and can handle whatever comes your way.    

The best way to manage this is to schedule your outfits for the week or at the very least, set the clothes out the night before.  It sounds weird but it makes getting dressed a no-brainer. That way you don’t waste time in front of your closet.  You just pull them on in seconds.

Even if you are never going to leave the house, wear real clothes.  Do not wear anything stained or that you could not wear if you had to dash to the store.  

One accessory (at least)

Accessories are what make you look intentional with your outfit.  They can turn the most boring basics into an awesome outfit. While I have fun figuring out what accessories go best with an outfit, it’s often more effort than I want to put in on a regular day.  My secret? I sleep with my jewelry on. At least my necklace and wedding rings. I shower with them too. Then if I don’t feel like accessorizing any further in the morning, it’s not a big deal. (This might not work great with $5 jewelry that might leave a green mark on you, but any decent silver necklace should work.  This is the one I wear the most.

classic sterling silver solitaire necklace helps you look great fast because it goes with everything
Goes with everything

However, if you are going to wear a relatively plain outfit like jeans and a white tee, one big piece of jewelry like a statement necklace or statement earrings (NOT both) can turn you from just being dressed to wearing an outfit.  

Two Minute Makeup

Set a timer for two minutes and do whatever makeup makes you feel best.  

While your first instinct may be that you NEED concealer to cover under eye circles or blemishes, you’d be shocked how often you can skip it.

Do as the French do

Ennui optional

One coat of mascara and a red lip. A swipe of long-lasting lipstick and one coat of mascara brightens your whole face and make skin imperfections much less noticeable.  It’s a look that’s both cool and effortless.

If that doesn’t feel like you, by all means, try something else.  Play around with the order you put on makeup. See what makes the most difference.  

Tip – only accentuate one feature. If you play up your eyes, keep your lips low key and vice versa.

If you struggle with your kids following you into the bathroom when you try to put on makeup, give them something they can put on too.  I like to give my son a little hand lotion to apply while I knock out the makeup. It keeps them busy and helps them feel like they are part of your routine.

Three Minute Hair

Easy hair does not have to mean chopping all your hair off.  You just need a couple of easy styles you can throw your hair into quickly if it’s not behaving.  A braid might take two minutes longer than a messy bun, but will make you feel sleeker.

I have long hair that looks like I stuck a finger in an electrical socket if I do nothing to it, but that doesn’t mean I have time for products and straightening every day.  So I’m often rocking at least part of a braid somewhere, even if it’s in a ponytail.

Looks great, and it’s out of your face.

Or I exercise the two out of three rule…

The Lazy Secret To Looking Good – The Two Out of Three rule

This is real life and we have to be realistic.  That’s why I love the two out of three rule.

It basically says you can still look good without going all out.  Pick any two and skip the third, and you will be fine so long as you aren’t going somewhere fancy:

  • Outfit
  • Makeup
  • Hair

FYI – If you focus on makeup and hair this does not mean you can go out naked.  Or in your pjs or something stained. But you can probably rock ripped jeans and a comfy tee and look like you are going for “effortlessly cool” rather than “People of Walmart”.

Extra Credit – The third piece rule

This is actually a rule for most people who work in retail in order to make them look like they have fashion sense — and it can work for you too.  If you think of a top and pants as one piece of clothing each, you would add one more item to pull it together. Examples of this would be a jean jacket, a vest, a scarf, a hat, or even a chunky necklace.  Try it out, it makes a big difference!

Give it a try!

Now you have the basics of a fast morning routine that leaves you feeling great about yourself.   So pick out an outfit for tomorrow, and get ready to feel pretty.

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