What Is A Glossy Mommy?

Let’s get one thing straight. When I talk about being a “Glossy Mommy” I am not talking about looking like an Instagram model.

What is a Glossy Mommy?

She’s the best version of yourself.

Think about a time when you felt your most attractive — even if it feels like a lifetime ago.  You looked hot and you knew it.

How did you feel?  

How did you carry yourself?  

Didn’t it feel great?   Like you were ready for anything?

She’s still in there.

Let’s let her out.

This isn’t about vanity and it isn’t about conforming to what society says women should look like. It’s about how you feel when you know you look smokin’.  

It’s about confidence and feeling good in your skin.  And it’s about understanding that you are worth taking five minutes to put on real clothes so you can feel like a human.

You don’t need to be rich or skinny to make this happen and you don’t need to have an innate sense of style to make this work.

This won’t be difficult or take a large investment of time or money. All you really need is five minutes in the morning and five at night.

The most important thing you need on this journey is a mind shift. If you’re telling yourself:

I really should make more of an effort with my appearance…

or worse,

I look awful.

Then you need to change your perspective. This is supposed to be fun.

Style is not serious. It’s meant to be enjoyable. Think of how a kid tries on their mom’s makeup and sunglasses and vamps! Just decide you are going to allow yourself to play a little. It’s part dress up, part art class, and it’s surprisingly therapeutic.

Now let’s get glossy.

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